Deleting Your Personal Information

Backing Up Your Data

To backup your data before removing your content, just connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to iTunes on your computer. In the panel on the left, Right click on your device, and select the "Backup" option. iTunes will then automatically back up all your data.

Erasing ALL content on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:

Important: This will completely remove ALL content from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, so please make sure you have backed up your data to your computer, if you do not wish to lose it.

  1. Disconnect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from your computer.
  2. Click the following options: "Settings" > "General" > "Reset".
  3. Then select "Erase All Content and Settings".
  4. Make sure the device is connected to wifi or mobile network & enter your Apple ID password
  5. Click the red "Erase" button to confirm.

During the removal process, you'll see an Apple logo with a progress bars. Once completed, all your device's data will have been erased.

How do I Delete All my Personal Information from my Android device?

To delete all of your personal information from your device, from the Home screen:

Touch Apps > Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset.

Read the information provided, and then touch Reset device. If you have a security lock set up on the device, you will be prompted to enter the lock information before proceeding. Touch Delete all to delete all information and downloaded applications.

The process may take a few minutes while your device removes your personal data and restores the Android™ platform to its original state. You can reinstall any downloaded or purchased applications from Google Play™ Store.

Erasing ALL content on your Kindle

It is important to make sure ALL personal information stored on your Kindle is deleted, transferred or backed up. We've made it EASY for you, simply click the link below to find out more.

If you require any more help or information please get in contact.